Sreedhar Kosaraju

MD - Nimaisoft Systems Pvt. Ltd. & President of iTAAP

Scripting the Nimaisoft System success story with panche

From being a professional who swears by the latest innovations in technology, who motivates his team with his proven leadership skills and earning reputation as a consultant who comes up with success-driven business strategies to being an in-demand corporate trainer and mentor, Sreedhar Kosaraju has been there and done it all with distinctive flair.

In an age of heavy competition where climbing the success ladder is signified by how one manages his entity, and stays afloat, Mr Kosaraju has been successfully steering the fortunes of Nimaisoft Systems Pvt. Ltd., since founding it at the turn of the Millennium in the year 2000.

Before jumping onto the entrepreneurial bandwagon, Mr Kosaraju, armed with academic credentials like Masters in IT and MBA (Fin) from ICFAI, acquired practical knowledge while working as lab programmer, Asc system engineer and software engineer. These three experiences turned him into a freelance software developer in 1998, whose challenges were ‘good learning experiences’ that ‘I enjoyed thoroughly for 12 long years’.

With an overall 26 years of experience in the specialized field, Mr Kosaraju, as the chief architect and Managing Director of the company, has been making optimal use of his subject expertise while actively involved in designing products and solutions besides identifying, developing and overseeing the implementation of the business strategy he formulated.

With a good grasp of the developments in his area of specialization, and mastering the strategic business plans required to take the company to greater heights while combating competition, he integrated business solutions to keep the company on a consistent growth path.

A most notable aspect was that while he was helming Nimaisoft Systems Pvt. Ltd, his peers and other companies took note of his remarkable sense of strategising winnable solutions. They approached him and sought out his practical knowledge by way of training their workforce. Since taking the first step towards this role in 1995, today Mr Kosaraju is a most-happening training professional, corporate trainer and mentor.

The incumbent State President of Information Technology Association of Andhra Pradesh (ITAAP), Mr Kosaraju is credited with the landmark merger of different IT associations in various cities across Andhra Pradesh and form the ITAAP of which he has been a founding member in 2016.

Even before becoming the chairman of the LEAP Training Advisory Committee, APITA - Andhra Pradesh Information Technology Academy, (September 2018-May 2019), he has been integral to formulating its training methodology and course structure and recommending changes in the curriculum at the institutional level. As a consultant DBA & System Admin from 1997-2007, he was associated with HPCL, Indian Navy and Visakhapatnam Port, besides private sector leaders.

Over the years, he has trained employees from various positions, including managerial, associated with big corporate bodies, MNCs, universities and premier colleges. He has gained mastery in Big Data, Java,, Python, mobile, AI, ML & DL, DevOps and the likes. As a mentor, Sreedhar Kosaraju has been passing on this knowledge to thousands of working professionals, who are all rising in stature in their chosen careers.