Sandeep Reddy

CSO & Co-founder, Kamala Farms

A civil engineer by education and entrepreneur by heart describes Mr. Sandeep Reddy the best. Since childhood, he was always intrigued by the idea of sustainability and wanted to pursue a career in it. Started his own construction company at the age of 24 with a vision to convert existing structures to green buildings. Green buildings, electric logistics and precision agriculture have always been his keen areas. He co-founded Kamala Farms in the year 2017, with keep passion to commercialize Hydroponics in a way that it was accessible and profitable.

Trained by Australian mentors, he developed innovative low budget Hydroponic technology suitable for Indian scenario. Awarded the ‘ Youngest Farmer by Velagro, recently facilitated by FTCCI for enabling Kamala Farms be medium to bridge the gender gap. His ideology is help create an environment where customers have easy access to various sustainable choices. Changing one industry at a time.