Monica Yadav

Founder & CEO, My Food Xpert (MFX)

Monica Yadav is the charismatic Founder and CEO of My Food Xpert (MFX) who is extremely passionate about her work with a strong desire to excel in whatever she does. She also received the prestigious Pratibha Puraskar Award from the Hon. Chief Minister of A.P in the year 2015.

Earlier, she served as lecturer soon immediately passed out from Masters in Loyola Academy Degree & PG college, and then served as R & D Executive in the food division at Baddi (worked for projects like P&G , GSK etc), Then she played many prominent roles in new product development and led multiple plant trials, documenting recipes and results of pilot and plant trials precisely. She has a research-oriented mind which, coupled with strong analytical skills, gives her an edge while creating new innovative products. She has the innate ability to manage multiple projects together and can expertly handle post product launch reviews by teaming up with other departments like sales, marketing, and Q.A. She is also an exceptional writer and has published more than 40 articles on food and nutraceutical products in popular publications. Her research capabilities show her interest in innovating and exploring new things and come up with products are healthy and safe for the consumers.

She born in Hyderabad and diversified to different places for her education and training, she has ability to speak, read & write four different languages, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi & English. After her immense work doing in food industries, she then come up to start her dream as food consultant and started the company Stratton Corporate Services Private Limited and brand for the business called as My Food Xpert, the main motto of the organization providing valuable services to food processing industries and awareness regarding the Food Technology subject as food industries in India require monitoring and expert advice on new product development, product modification, quality assurance, material handling.

Her aim of MY FOOD XPERT (MFX) is to become a leader in food consultants in India as there are many food parks coming up in India especially Telangana & A.P Government issued few Mega Food Parks for making farmers & consumers benefit, but investors , farmers, industrialists needed more services for the detailed subject in Food Technology hence through appropriate skills and right knowledge of expertise at MY FOOD XPERT (MFX), the organization is bound to deliver results which are client oriented. We work according to the client’s requirement and make sure to leave no stone unturned.

Come with your problems and see us turning that challenge into a future opportunity! Her best contribution for Diabetes making Biscuits out from Bitter Gourd (Kakarakaya or Kerela), which have been file patent from well know company and serving to consumers for 5 Years.