K Satyanarayana

Technical Head - Oil Rigs, MEIL

Mr Satyanarayana born in Suryaraopalem a village in west Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh in the year 1955.

Graduated in mechanical engineering from Bangalore university in 1980 and started his carrier as maintenance engineer in Singareni collieries ltd in the year 1980 .

Joined in ONGC as drilling engineer in the year 1982 and retired from the service in the year 2015 as Executive director .During his tenure in ONGC worked in different capacities and in different areas of upstream hydro carbons.

Some of his contributions worth mentioning during his professional life are as follows.

  • Reduction of rig move time average one month per move to 7 days

  • Exceptional performance as head of drilling services by drilling more than one lakh meters per year in Ankhleswar ,Gujarat.

  • As head of Crisis management team involved in controlling more than 12 blow outs, which is a serious threat in oil and gas exploration.

  • As head of asset manager Agartala asset increased the no of wells from 3 to 12 per year and fulfilled the gas requirement to commission the first phase of OTPC.

  • Instrumental as CEO of OPAL in commissioning the OPAL in 2017 when the plant got stuck more than a year due to various reasons.

During his tenure in ONGC, he was awarded by Directors, and CMD of the company for his meritorious jobs. Awarded professional of the year from CMD ONGC .

Mr Satyanarayana has visited more than 20 countries in official capacity.

Mr Satyanarayana is presently associated with MEIL to handle the upstream activities of the group.