Anubhav Jain

Head of India, Expedia

Having led sales and business development initiatives over the last 8 years, I have worked with European and American clients and gained significant experience in prospecting, business intelligence, deal negotiations and strategy. Upon graduation, I joined Oracle and after my tryst with programming for a brief period, I left the dynamic IT industry behind to follow my interest area that is business development. As a next step, I joined a mid-size power cables manufacturing firm – Relemac Technologies where I led the business development initiative.

Now, as a member of awesome sales force at Expedia Group, I am responsible to grow India market.

My curiosity that stemmed from Netflix recommendations has prompted me to learn Machine Learning. I now know basics of linear, and logistic regression models.

Unofficially I also am an advocate of healthy lifestyle with varied interests. Squash or gym occupy most of my free time else i enjoy impromptu travel.